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We just had a beautiful sunset cruise

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jay barnes • 06-24-2012 09:17
the shrimp shown is not a rock shrimp, it is a mantis shrimp. duh.
FEnhLonCIQJlJCE • 09-15-2012 20:49
I went out with a buddy yesterday monring he did not have a shellfish license and that worked out because with 4 pulls we got 64 of those bad boys. We went farther down the cove from our place and we were about 250 to 270 feet. On the second pull, the trap was really really heavy. Visions of a mega shrimp haul! Then after several minutes of pulling we see an old barnacle encrusted crab buoy attached to a yellow line. OK! An old crab trap we thought. Turned out to be a trap but it was a real nice shrimp trap. The bait container was full of broken clam shells. It was all crusty and had been down there a long time. Back at it Saturday!
HfjAiIfMGfJQc • 09-16-2012 04:17
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