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Watching the Wild dolphins is an extraordinary experience, whether they are hunting and catching fish, or just interacting with other pod members. Come see for your self and take home your own amazing pictures and memories.

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uZViIZ24Xr • 02-14-2016 18:39
I work on a product which is used by a wide vaeirty of users, to do many different things. The usual response when discussing the proliferation of checkboxes and drop-down lists depends on who's responding:Sales: Let's divide the product into different tiers and sell those at different prices, and break off some features into options at an extra charge. Engineering: It's too hard to do this automatically, we won't slip the schedule if we just insert a user option. Product Management: I don't want this product to be a collection of hacks and workaround to deal with bad input that doesn't conform to requirements or industry standards, how can we keep the interface clean and functional without breaking the release date? QA: I don't care whichever way you do it, just be aware that it's going to take a lot of time to test that automatic option. How does the poor user ever attain their ultimate quest in environments like that?

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